Horse Harness Repairs

All the harness that can be seen on the horse have been made by me. I specialise in the repair of working horse harness. Please note: I do not keep/sell/supply new harness; bespoke items can be discussed by arrangement.

In my workshop:

  • I carry out repairs, alterations and make bespoke items for harness, saddlery and bridle parts.
  • I specialise in harness for working heavy horses e.g. Shires, Clydesdales etc
  • I undertake a lot of restoration work on harness that has been rescued in sales, barn finds etc to bring it back into working condition. A lot of these items have been wall decorations in pubs for years.

I am always ready to discuss and advise on the best way to resurrect harness that is in poor condition.

As there are many styles of harness for different jobs, the use of rescued, repaired harness is a cost effective way to obtain tack for heavy horses when first starting out and before one is sure of precisely which type/style of harness will really suit the work the horses will be used for.

Please call 01274 499040 or you can fill in our contact form to contact us directly.