Have recently done extensive hedgelaying and walling around Parkinsons Field at Guiseley.


Parkinsons Field – Before work     started






The work was undertaken over a couple of weeks and the benefits soon became clear.  The hedge was very rough and overgrown ……

Parkinsons Field – After hedging completed.






.. .    it is now a pleasure to see.   In a couple of years following regrowth it will look totally different.

Just before Easter I was working at Kippax with Chris Wadsworth a fellow horselogger,  bringing out timber on a site near to the leisure centre.

Just finished two days at Hardcastle Crags bringing out timber with Nathan for the National Trust.   There were a number of volunteers involved as well and the reasonable weather brought out a lot of interested members of the public as well.


Me and Nathan in the woods.  A bit of  a steep site – quite interesting.